Hip Daddy

01 12

Flannel Shirt. Gotta Have One.

There are certain staples to any Hip Daddy winter wardrobe…and flannel is one of them.  Yep, it keeps you warm….and really looking goooood.  Further, every young child loves to cuddle up next to Dad wearing a nice comfy shirt that feels like a safety blanket.

You can’t go wrong with something from Woolwich Woolen Mills, the “original Outdoor Clothing company” born in Pennsylvania (obviously.)  This company makes beautiful shirts, and for flannel, we especially love this Cotton one.  Then there is our friends from Pendleton in Portland (Ore-gan), who offer up this sharp Pawpine flannel shirt.  And if you want to look across the pond, Christopher Bailey knows flannel, which means this Burberry beauty is simply excellent…a bit costly, but well worth it.  All you need is one.  Flannel is versatile and goes with many looks.  But most of all, child friendly.

So get some Flannel in your life. Be warm. Be stylish. Be cuddly.