Hip Daddy

04 03

Easter is Here. The Sport Coat Lives.

Easter is here.  Such a lovely time of year where Easter Egg hunts bring weekend fun, hearty Brunches leave most full and happy, and perhaps a visit to Church is in the deck of cards.  Whatever it may be, likely chance it might involve an ‘elevated’ day of dress for you (and the kids)….meaning, it’s time to go ‘hip” and really show some Easter Hip Daddy Style…

Look no further than the Sport Coat- a staple for every Hip Daddy closet #nodoubt.  And from fits to styles to patterns to pockets, finding the right one is not always an easy task.  But yes, as you know, we got you covered!

Burberry, one of our all-time favorite brands, has of course got whatever you need when it comes to most types of coats (for you and little ones).  And Sport Coat speaking, their Brit Raw Indigo Tailored jacket is straight up awesome- British elegance but with such creative style…well done Christopher.  And the there is this John Varvatos jacket which has some serious ‘swerve’ to it (which every Hip Daddy can appreciate) and perfect for some of those rocker type HD’s.  And how about something a little more affordable? Well, this H&M linen blend blazer is perfect and you gotta love some cool buttons.  And last but not least, there is the Man.  Yes, Ralph has always done a good blazer justice…The Polo is a Ralph Lauren staple…and just look how dapper this man looks rocking’ it…#justsayin



So there you have it, Easter just got a lot better, and stylish.  Enjoy your day.