Hip Daddy

04 07

Hip Daddy Office Space? WeWork Has You Covered.

Some of you Hip Daddys out there might just be of the entrepreneur mold…starting a business from scratch, working in the start-up world, or simply those who work from home who might need a place ‘to go’ to get stuff done in a business environment.  We feel you.  And know your world.

The explosion of co-working office communities is happening, and has been going on for awhile now. There are various players in this space but one we think is doing it quite well is WeWork.  This company was formed in NYC in 2010 by Hip Daddy Adam Neumann, and is “a provider of shared workspace, community, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses.”   Even better, they proclaim themselves as a platform for creators providing everything you need to create your life’s work.   That is quite the mission statement.  Hip Daddy Approved.  They have spaces in every major city and continue to expand on a monthly basis.  Everything is included in one monthly fee, from high speed internet (the ‘best’ given all the tech companies they house), conference rooms, phone booths, arcades, weekly events, and free coffee/fresh fruit/water and even BEER…quite simply, they have everything any and all Hip Daddys might need to get their business going!  And given their valuation of close to $5 Billion, they seem to be doing something right #justsayin.

So…looking for a creative, communal type office space to help fuel your entrepreneurial spirit? WeWork has you covered.  Get working.