Hip Daddy

03 27

Dining Out With Dad: Shake Shack

Every Hip Daddy loves a great eatery, and Shake Shack is the perfect destination for this almost April weekend.  And as you know, Dining out with Daddy can be filled with all sorts of fun and games and stains.  This brilliant burger spot that sprouted from a hot dog cart in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park in 2001 was founded by Hip Daddy Danny Meyer, and years later, continues it’s global ‘domination’…making all sort of kids and adults smile and leave satisfied…”yummy in the tummy.”

From the classic Shackburger to the Shack-cago Dog to the cheese fries, we are talking good food, like really good.  And the ambiance is always ‘hip’ and lively, while their restaurant design is always progressive and easy to navigate with the kids…except of course the ‘busy’ factor, which is likely all day, so patience is a virtue.  The wait is well worth it.  They also do some cool collabs and are always involved in the community in some way, shape, or form…we love a little ‘giving back.’  And lastly, for you Bostonians, who used to have to travel to NYC to get some Shake (before the Chestnut Hill opening), they now have a location on Newbury Street…Hip Hip Daddy Hooray!

It’s Friday.  The weekend is here.  Take the kids to Shake Shack, it’s absolutely Hip Daddy Approved and what beats Dining out with Daddy anyways? #notmuch.