Hip Daddy

07 31

Hip Daddy & The NFL…Perfect Together.

The NFL is the greatest sporting league ever, it’s that simple.  Watching football on Sundays might just be the best tradition of the year..and enjoying it with your kids? Nothing better.  The NFL is full of Hip Daddys, from Charles Tillman to Tom Brady to Drew Brees to Victor Cruz, who are not only doing it right on the field, but more importantly, off the field…as Dads.

This Saturday, Hip Daddy will be coming to you from the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in lovely Oxnard, California.  Dez Bryant and Tony Romo are two mos def Hip Daddys, but it’s time to go to work on the field, and we will be there to cover all the throws, passes and tackles.  #allaccess.

So follow us on on Twitter and Instagram for all the action, interviews, and all things Hip Daddy Football!  The NFL season is less than 45 days away…hip hip hooray.