Hip Daddy

08 23

Can We Please? Learn The State Capitals, Stat.

On a recent beach day, we were dealt with an unwelcome reality.  The Hip Daddy team barely knew our state capitals.  Side note, Hip Daddy himself scored an impressive 48/50 but everyone else…#notsomuch.  Do the elementary and middle schools not teach this anymore?  Is Montpelier not important? Dover? Jefferson City? Sacramento (not LA or SF)? Austin (not Dallas or Houston)?  And sorry, Chicago is not the capital of Illinois, promise.  Bismark, Lincoln, Cheyenne, Raleigh….these are not potential awesome dog names or even a boys name, these are important places on the maps folks!  And who doesn’t want to visit a town called Des Moines anyway?  So if you have one piece of last summer Hip Daddy Homework to do…it is in fact to teach your children the State Capitals…gosh darn it!