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05 20

COVID THROWBACK: Another Season Coaching. Another Championship.

Originally published 11/7/17

Nuff said.  From the baseball to soccer etc championship seasons, I think we might be entering Vince Lombardi type territory for Boston city youth sports, #justsayin #LOL.  What a fun fun season comes to a close, and the trophy is secured…

Congrats to the kids who gave 110% each and every game…and practice (and yes, Allen, we are talkin about practice.)  Congrats to the kids who refused to lose in the double overtime thriller to win the championship.  Kudos to the teams we played for bringing the competition.  Special shout out to my boys who were true All-Stars and led the league in pretty much every category (if you are keeping track), and ofcourse eventually secured the Championship with an electrifying goal…cue the “Ballers” theme song right about now (clean version only please.)  Congrats to the staff at HH for running a competitive league and keeping the fields open 🙂 Kudos to all the parents that came out and cheered every weekend…and for those parents that didn’t show up, you missed a helluva season…just ask your nannies 🙂 Congrats to all the league coaches who devoted time and energy to try and beat us (LOL)…ok, seriously, let’s here it for all coaches…coaching the kids is always Hip Daddy Approved.  And speaking of coaches, special shout out to my Hip Daddy co-coach JC, the pride of Hobart, who held us in check and devised the right schemes to bring home the W’s…while this Hip Daddy yelled (“cheered”) a lot.  #dynamicduo.

Well folks, another one in the books…you gotta love youth sports.  And long live sports!