Hip Daddy

01 23

American Museum of Natural History: Yes, You Need To Visit.

It’s the Weekend.  And we know every Hip Daddy loves a great museum #plainandsimple.  And if you like a little History and some animals of sorts, then look no further than the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, the kids will really love this one.  So grab the Uber, hail a cab, jump on the Subway, make your way to the Upper West Side and get ready for some weekend excitement.  But first, because you know Hip Daddy always has you covered, here are some important tips to make your journey even better:

Watch “A Night At The Museum” before going.

Oh, and watch the sequel too.  Oh, and maybe the 3rd one too?! Whatever the case, pull up some Ben Stiller on-demand and press play.  If you have younger kids, they will of course love the movie but trust us when we tell you this…you will buy yourself at least 60-90 minutes more at the Museum because of this movie.  Wooohoo.  Why? Because ‘characters’ from the movie are scattered throughout the very large Museum which makes for a good day of exploring and searching, not to mention overall ‘focused’ and exciteable children.  It will turn a ‘quick Museum trip’ into a more legit Museum ‘visit.’  We promise.

Strollers Beware.

For those of you with younger children who might require a stroller, you might want to re-think this one.  Yes, they have elevators, but they will very likely be very busy which translates to VERY SLOW.  Like really slow.  Like waiting 10 minutes or more for one.  That slow.   And although the staircases are conveniently wide, they are steep ( lots of stairs per flight) which means collapsing the stroller and carrying it up is your best choice.   Surprisingly enough, we found the Museum to not be too stroller friendly..let alone if you were handicapped.  So just be careful if visiting with a little one demanding a stroller.

Visit the Gift Shops.  No Really, You Should.

Yes, yes, we know, this sounds like a horrible idea.  Most museums and zoos have gift shops that are really just intended for parents and kids to argue over silly, overpriced toys/items that they will lose interest in within 15 minutes of leaving the museum.  Right? Well, good news is we found the Gift Shops at this Museum (especially the one on the Dinosaur level) to be rather fun, full of unique and engaging toys/souvenirs that seemed to actually be of great quality too.  Wow.  So we felt okay buying that Dinosaur tooth bracelet and happy to report it is still being used and might even see a Classroom Show & Tell in the coming weeks.  (Hip Daddy Hooray…solid gift shop purchase!)  Anyhow, despite what you might think of your typical Museum/Zoo gift shops, visit this one.  It is worth your time and possibly money spent.

Get a Map.

Although some of u Hip Daddys like to just ‘wing it’ when it comes to visiting places like this, the AMNH most def requires a map.  The building is massive.  The different levels are vast and the hallways seem to go in circles…but then there are other smaller hallways which then lead you to another huge wing and then more hallways etc.  It’s actually confusing but somewhat fun to try and navigate…especially with kids pulling you in all sorts of different directions.  Breathe, just breathe Hip Daddy.  So sharpen up your exploration and discovery skills because there is a lot to see at this Museum, and you want to see it all.  Grab the map, it might be the smartest thing you do all day.

So there you have it.  Some tips for your next visit to the wonderful American Museum of Natural History! Enjoy the weekend.  Snow is coming.