Hip Daddy

03 14

Budsies Are Kinda Brilliant.

Okay, you know how this goes.  Your child or children bring countless amounts of paper home with their artwork, drawings, scribblings, sketches, you name it.  And if you are like us, no matter how big the pile gets, you feel guilty even thinking about disposing of ‘just some’ of them.  Nope, you are keeping all of them, no matter what.  And then there is that one day when your little one brings home an absolute masterpiece and you want to frame it or do something special with it, it cannot get lost in the pile with the others.  Well, hello Budsies...

Turn any art into a real stuffed animal.  That’s what this company does.  The simplicity of the idea is quite beautiful and we here at Hip Daddy HQ are intrigued.  “Treasure Their Creativity” is another way to look at their service, and this alone, is a very succinct thought..and exactly what we want to do when we see that masterpiece come out of the backpack.  To date, Budsies has already created 37,000+ creations and this southern Florida based company is ‘bringing the heat’ (warmth and love) to bedrooms everywhere.  Art and stuffed animals are a perfect match.  Hug it.