Hip Daddy

03 17

Let’s Hear It For Raleigh…Denim.

March Madness is here which means Raleigh-Durham is buzzing with basketball fever.  Both Duke and the UNC men’s hoops teams appear to be favorites to win it all.  But there is something else going on in Carolina that you need to know about.  A denim movement.  That’s right, Raleigh Denim is on the scene and making amazing product that you can’t help but notice…

Raleigh Denim Workshop is not new (est 2007) but feels new as their product only gets better and better with each passing year.  And you know, every Hip Daddy loves a great pair of denim.  Their Jones-Original Selvage Raw jean is a quite nice thin fit.  Tinted-weft selvage, gold stitching, button fly, limited edition hand-stamped numbered leather patch, and a red chainstitch hem, this pair of denim has everything you need.  Please note, this jean stretches so size accordingly and #knowyourdenim.

There is no such thing called “Dad jeans” in our book.  But there is ofcourse something called Hip Daddy Denim.  So let’s hear it for Raleigh…basketball and denim, Hip Daddy Approved.