Hip Daddy

05 11

Anglepoise: Hip Daddy Office Approved.

It’s Monday, time to get back to work.  And work.  And you know Hip Daddy likes an inspiring and creative office space, wherever that may be.  Yes, a great desk is the start of it all, but then comes the light…actually ‘seeing’ your work is a good thing, and you know we love a little ‘desk candy’ too.

Anglepoise delivers this ‘candy’ in iconic British form, obviously.  That’s what the UK does.  Since 1931, this company has been making the world of lighting simply delightful: “Characterized by a pioneering perfect balance mechanism and an engaging kinetic form, iconic, quintessentially British brand, Anglepoise produces an incomparable series of practical, energy-efficient task lamps, ideally suited for both domestic and commercial interiors.”  Simple, straightforward…we like a brand that we can understand!  And as we look at the product collection, no need to look further than the 1228.  The Anglepoise Type 1228  is the most fashion-forward design in the portfolio- designed by Sir Kenneth Grange in 2004, it offers all the functionality of the traditional Anglepoise, but with a more contemporary aesthetic and exceptional versatility.  And let’s not forgot about the color options…this baby looks simply awesome on any and all desks #justsayin.  Finally, okay, it’s expensive.  But if you need something ‘similar’ that is much nicer on the wallet, IKEA is always an option too.

Welcome to the week.  Turn on the lights.  Look across the Pond for some office inspiration.  Anglepoise, indeed, has you covered.