Hip Daddy

01 08

The Nebia Spa Shower…#Epic.

It’s the New Year so you need some peace and calming.  And that can come in many forms, but a good shower can wash it all away and cleanse the soul and spirit…or, just make you really clean and smelling better: )  That said, showering just got reaalllyyy relaxing.  If you haven’t tried one of these spa showers before, you need to.  Perhaps you’ve seen and used them at the spa (kinda makes sense), but it’s time to bring that spa serenity to your own Hip Daddy household…and Nebia might be the one.

The Nebia Spa Shower was born out of Kickstarter back in ’15, with the ethos of creating great products that fundamentally change the way people think about their relationship to water in their home.  And, ofcourse, around the idea that we can all be more responsible in how we consumer earth’s most precious resource….the H to the 2 to the O.   Smart value system, strong beliefs…well done Nebia.  On to the details…

The Nebia Spa Shower envelops you in warm steam and spray with ten precision-tuned nozzles that atomize water, delivering millions of microdrops to hydrate your skin.  It just feels awesome.  The complete Nebia Spa Shower includes 25″ adjustable height showerhead, magnetic hand wand, full self-installation kit and cleaning caps for easy maintenance…no stone left unturned.

Showering just got even better…Nebia has you covered.  And finally, yes, we put this in the style section because this product is so damn stylish and sexy, all around.