Hip Daddy

01 05

A New Year. A New You. Hip Daddy Resolutions Begin…

Another year, another birthday, they just keep getting older.  Like really fast.  It’s actually more and more apparent that time does indeed fly.  So let’s start the year off with some intention.

Making resolutions can be tricky…some put way too much pressure on you while others may be somewhat lofty and/or unreal while others are damn right attainable…cheers to that.  Here is some Hip Daddy guidance when making resolutions for this lovely year of 2016:

1.) It all starts with your health.  Simple. And true.  So have a resolution that focuses around this.  Your health is your wealth.

2.) Behavior change.  We can all get better in some way, shape or form.  Try something new or different.  For the better. Something simple.

3.) Find some space.  In other words, don’t lose sight of the big picture, make a resolution that attempts to center you.

4.) Do one thing less.  Hmmm….

5.) Role model.  You got kids, make a resolution that speaks to being a role model to your kids.  Lead.  Parent.  Nurture.  Love.  Dominate the playground.

2016 is here.  Hip Daddy will be dialing it up a notch this year, so you should too!