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01 05

5 Things We Learned From Holiday Break.

Well, we are back.  And we missed you too.  We had a great time on the ‘left coast’ and thought it would be nice to share some of our vacation knowledge and discoveries, please enjoy…

Flying with Kids? Virgin America is Awesome.

Airline travel around the Holidays can be a pure nightmare…kids or no kids.  But for the sake of this post, we are talking about travel with kids.  From long lines to TSA folks (who like to confiscate milk in a bottle) to unpleasant flight attendants, airline travel can be downright horrible.  But Virgin America, thankfully, seems to be doing it right.  Yes, they care about families with younger kids.  And actually still offer family pre boarding.  Years ago, every airline offered this.  But now, few do.  Don’t they understand it is in their best interest to board families with young kids first? #NoBrainer.  Also, the idea of an on-demand flight attendant at the touch of a screen button is quite exciting too for the kids.  Want water or a stack of Pringles? Touch a button, and next thing you know, a very cute flight attendant delivers…with a smile.  By the way, having TV screens is an absolute must in 2015…airlines like American and United with old planes need to get with the times!  ASAP.   Mood lighting? Yep, Virgin has it.  The dark/redish atmosphere creates a somewhat calming flight environment that even turbulence can’t disrupt…and helps the young ones sleep rather well #justsayin.  And finally, baggage claim.  Unlike other airlines, Virgin, somehow, gets your checked baggage to you quicker than others.  Hip Daddy is a world traveler and Virgin is by far the best when it comes to checked bagged retrieval.  And yes, this can be a glorious thing coming off a long flight with kids!  Virgin does it right, well done Richard (the original airline Hip Daddy.)

Aquaphor Heals All.

Okay, so you have some kids and they like to get scrappy at times..especially when traveling and out of their element.  And let’s just say you forgot to cut down their fingernails (bad Hip Daddy) which means, one small fight gone bad could result in another sibling’s face looking like it got attacked by a Tiger…with big claws.  Yes, we’ve been there.  Have no fear, Aquaphor to the rescue! Seriously.  Any cut, scrape, diaper rash, etc…apply some of this amazing product…and the healing begins asap.  Every Hip Daddy needs some Aquaphor in the dopp kit #plainandsimple.

Swimming Pools & Beaches Make Life Great.

Yes, we’ve all been there.  It’s only 1 pm and you feel as if the day can’t get any longer..especially given the 5am ‘wake- up’ call from the vacation bound children.  Alas, swimming pools and the beach will save you.  So pull up a chair, grab a towel, throw on the SPF, get the floatees on, and off you go.  Swimming pools bought us at least 90 minutes a day of pure pleasure and relaxation.  Kids love pools, and a along as they can swim and/or are properly safely suited, every Hip Daddy loves pools too!  And the beach? Forget about it.  From the sand to the surf to the rocks to the low tide explorations, the beach is a world of discovery that keeps the kids occupied…and happy.  So get some water in your vacation life, you will be one happy Hip Daddy.

Always Add On the Breakfast Buffet.

When booking, some hotels offer a special deal of a breakfast buffet included in the rate.  But most Hip Daddys think this is just a hotel gimmick and disregard.  We feel you.  But…depending on the exact hotel and breakfast offering, this offering could go a long way to Hip Daddy Happiness.  Yes, we did it.  And it was life changing.  To be able to watch your young one circumnavigate a breakfast buffet is somewhat empowering for both you and your child.  Eggs? Check.  Pancakes with side syrup? Check.  Toast (that you need to toast yourself)? Check.  Cereal? Fruit Loops and all.  Check.  A side omelette station (custom made)? Check.  Some bacon or sausage? Check.  Fruit bar? Check.  Little milk containers on ice (that you can steal to have for later in the room for a young child)? Check.

Montecito Rocks.

Hip Daddy loves travel.  And travel with the kids is even better! We’ve had the fortunate opportunity to visit many places domestic and abroad…but Montecito has got it going on.  Period.  Beautiful.  Period.  So in case you did not follow us on Twitter and Instagram during break, simply read our Hip Daddy Travel feature on the great heavenly place called Montecito and you will find yourself booking a trip for Feb or April school break soon enough!

That’s it.  We are back.  Happy to be back.  Vacations can be fun, difficult, stressful, and of course simply awesome.  We hope you are rested and ready for a Hip daddy 2015!