Hip Daddy

05 22

Wearing An Apron Is Cool…

Yes, the world needs better looking aprons.  It’s one of those acceptable forms of ‘work’ that has largely gone overlooked.  Aside from a few stylish restaurants and the entire ACE hotel ish type vibe, most aprons donned at work are basic…and ugly.  And let’s not forget about the cooking Hip Daddy at home, why not have some style when making that mac and cheese?  Aprons need a make-over.  Enter Hedley & Bennett straight outta SoCal…

Now this company isn’t exactly new (having launched in 2012), but food culture is finally catching up and so now we can talk about some “proper bad ass aprons” from our friends at Hedley & Bennett.  From aprons to work shirts to chef coats to other forms of kitchenware, the company’s assortment is a culinary fave and kinda makes us want one too #duh.  For now, we will focus on the apron.  Their Pro Line is for the pros, while the Classic Line includes some limited edition aprons like this which is straight badass.  And yes, they have kids aprons too…adorable.

You don’t have to be Tom Colicchio or Marcus Samuelsson to don an apron, every Hip Daddy needs one.