Hip Daddy

04 09

The Rag & Bone Hoodie. Done and Done.

Every Hip Daddy needs a hoodie #itsthatsimple.  Seriously.  It’s the perfect wardrobe item for that in between Winter/Spring type weather, great for layering over, and more importantly, looks real good with a pair of denim and some weekend kicks.  Hoodies are comfy, and every Hip Daddy needs some comfort.

Now there are plenty to choose from with various price points, but Rag & Bone seems to be doing it right.  Overall, their quality is excellent but the design is even better.  They make a few different hoodies, but we are feeling their Standard Issue Zip Hoodie which is a vintage athletic inspired piece…perfect for any playground, any office (sort of), any kitchen, any baseball game or any play date.  Bring it.  Yes, it is over $200 but might just be worth it, trust us.  Rag & Bone product lasts.

This doesn’t need to be too complicated.  Hoodies are an excellent addition to any Hip Daddy closet, so go get one.  Rag & Bone has you covered.