Hip Daddy

09 16

Vans X Truth. Get This Pair Now.

Yes, all readers know Hip Daddy is a dedicated Converse consumer.  From Chucks to Varvatos to Jack Purcell, our closet is full.  But, our friend and fellow Hip Daddy Eric Asche finally might have just turned us over a bit to Vans.  Indeed, we have always loved the Vans brand and admire what they do, and you can’t deny how hot they are…

Truth (the well-known anti-smoking crusade/organization straight outta DC) and Vans teamed up to create the Weapons of Mass Ridiculousness by Vans X Truth shoe. It supports a pretty cool end smoking campaign (including this “It’s a trap” spot) launched a couple weeks back at the VMA’s by our friends at 72andSunny.  Nice work fellas.

Get your pair now online or at select Vans stores.  We’ve got ours and will wear for all Hip Daddys (holler!) Nicely done Vans X Truth.