Hip Daddy

06 16

Father’s Day Kicks List.

Every Hip Daddy needs to know what’s up when it comes to the kicks for the feet.  We have covered many different brands over the year, but warm weather is here, which means lots of staples necessary for the Hip Daddy closet.  We love shoes and consider ourselves sneakerheads to some extent, but let’s keep it simple here…Father’s Day gifts demand less options and more focus!

Our Top 4 Kicks You Need Now:

Jack Purcell.  Yes, you know we love this brand and are very close to it (our past career had us intimately involved)…but no matter, no home field advantage here…it’s simply an awesome shoe that all Hip Daddys need to be rocking now.  The Classic White JP is a no brainer and goes with pretty much every outfit.  But for those looking to mix it up a bit, we are liking this Railroad Stripe Slip.  A slip is easy and needed for all Summer travel.  And any shoe with a ‘smile’ on the toecap is absolutely Hip Daddy Approved.

Hoka.  Okay, so you like running.  We do too.  And perhaps, like us, have tried many different running shoe brands- from Nike to Newton to Saucony to Brooks…lots of choice.  Some of you might know Hoka as the weird looking moon boot thing that long distance runners wear.  Well, you are right.  But what you might not know is they have started to make product that is a bit more streamlined and more functional, and appealing to everyday runners…like us.  The Hoka One Clifton is our new favorite shoe! We run in it, we walk in it, we are doing lots of things in it.  It’s that good.  And for you older Hip Daddy’s who might find your bones/muscles aching too easily these days, the Hoka shoes are somewhat therapeutic and decrease recovery time which makes every Hip Daddy happier…and healthier.   And finally, yes, their colorways are “hot” which will leave the kids excited and interested!  Go Hoka!

Nike Free.  Fine, so we no longer run in them anymore (see above), but instead, we rock the Free as a fashion play.  That’s right, from a jean to a light khaki pant rolled up to a sweatshort, this pair of Swoosh looks plain good, and it makes the Summer times days on the feet much more enjoyable and stylish.  From the office to the playground, the Nike Free has you covered.

Chucks.  This is easy.  A classic white Converse Chuck Taylor is simply perfect.  That’s all.

Father’s Day…shoes…summer style…Hip Daddy has you Covered.