Hip Daddy

06 20

Hip Daddy Sport: Unequal Technologies Is A MUST Know.

Hip Daddy is a proud sponsor of many sports leagues.  We believe in sport.  We believe our little kids need sport to thrive and become better overall ‘people.’  Sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, etc…these are important values all delivered by athletics.  But nowadays, sports like football and hockey and any contact sport can be a bit scary for any parent to consider.  The kids are stronger, faster, bigger…contact sports are simply dangerous…which leads many of us to embrace the likes of baseball, soccer, golf, tennis and maybe even swimming.  Wow.  So, the good news is the athletic gear manufacturers share our common Hip Daddy concern and are doing what they can to alleviate this huge concern over injuries and pain, but still, it’s just not enough…yet.

Enter stage right…Unequal Technologies.  If a company calls themselves ‘Unequal’, you might want to know about them.  And you need to know them…now.  Unequal is making the world of sport a better place by creating product that protects athletes at all levels, in every sport.  From NFL to high school athletes, Unequal is making it ‘okay’ to play a contact sport.  Thank you Unequal.  The Invisible Shirt is not only a great name, but obviously protects franchise QB’s…so it can protect your little one…no doubt.  Oh, and we love the logo but do think you could drop the ‘Technologies’ from the name…at least in marketing to the consumer (Hip Daddy free advice.)

“Unequal® was invented to help prevent pain and injury to the human body, including the head, chest, joints, elbows, wrists, hands, thighs, sides, feet and muscles.  Years of research and development plus millions of dollars have been invested into the core technology, Unequal® – a military grade, battle tested composite.  Unequal’s 3-layer composite was initially constructed and engineered to withstand battlefield conditions faced daily by Armed Forces, law enforcement and governmental agencies.”

Okay, so that above descriptor is pretty awesome.  Battlefield conditions? What?  Military grade? What?   A Hip Daddy team needs this technology.  What Hip Daddy coach doesn’t want their players wearing Unequal?  Whether Unequal is protecting catchers from high speed pitches, quarterbacks from bone crushing blitzes, or goalies from a hard slap shot, Unequal most definitely, as they say,  “Takes the Pain out of the Game.”

Under Armour came onto the scene behind a “We Must Protect This House” anthem.  It was very well done, and inspired tons of youth and college athletes…Nike even got scared.  But, their product wasn’t actually ‘armor.’  Unequal is actually ‘real’ armour and we think their mantra should be…”We Must Protect Our Kids”…because that is what they appear to be trying to do.  Enough said.

So…Hip Daddys…get Unequal.  It’s changing the game and making the world of contact sports a better place.  Hip Daddy Approved.