Hip Daddy

09 05

We Love Football. The Hip Daddy NFL Preview Is Here.

Thank Heavens, the NFL is back.  Is there anything better than watching some Sunday football with the kids?  No, not really.   Well, okay, maybe tailgating at the actual game with a group of buddies might seem fun too…but this is Hip Daddy, so we keep it focused.       And in that vain, we are streamlining our Preview and focusing on the top 8 teams and where everyone falls in the quest for Glendale!

Denver Broncos– Peyton.  Upgraded defense, which they needed after Super Bowl embarrassment.  Peyton.  Peyton.  Peyton.

New England PatriotsBelichick.  Tom Brady is just fine, but all the Pats ever need will be BB.  He is a mastermind and makes the team what it is.  But yes, if you have billboard of yourself wearing UGGs in cities across the country, we can give you some Hip Daddy props.  Everyone else is generic but good.  This is the formula…and yes, they will win a lot.  BB’s brain gets you 7 wins a year regardless of talent on the field.

Indianapolis Colts–  We love Andrew Luck.  We saw him play at Stanford and knew he would be great back then.   He will be the next Peytonor MJ?

Cincinnati Bengals– Sound all around.  Tough city, tough team.  Sooner or later Andy Dalton will learn how to win in the playoffs.  And this year might be the year…he is a new first time Dad…and that inspires and motivates one like no other.

Seattle Seahawks– Repeat? They say it is real hard to do in the NFL.  But the defense only got better, and with a healthy Percy Harvin on offense, this team is hard to beat.

Green Bay Packers– Aaron Rodgers healthy is dangerous.  And Lambeau is a most def Hip Daddy Approved stadium.  They have the makings to be in the Arizona sun come February…and we aren’t talking about golfing.

New Orleans Saints– Drew Bress has another playoff run in him.  And after having 3 sons (Hip Daddy no doubt!), he and his wife finally got the girl just a couple weeks ago.  This Daddy is inspired.  He has the weapons around him on offense and the defense is stout.  Watch out NFC.

San Francisco 49ers– They play in Levi’s Stadium.  And every Hip Daddy loves a Levi’s pair of denim.  Even better, evidently if you wear a pair of Levi’s on game day, you might even get a free beer! #nuffsaid.


Atlanta Falcons- Fluke year last season.  Devonte Freeman could be amazing.  Matt Ryan will return to old form.  “Hard Knocks” makes us believe in this team.

San Diego Chargers- Phillip Rivers is a great QB.  He has 7 kids.  Keenan Allen is coming off a dominating rookie year.  Antonio Gates is still playing well.  The running back tandem is something you need in the injury prone NFL.  Did we mention Rivers has 7 kids? #wow.

NFC Championship:

Green Bay vs. New Orleans Saints.  The Midwest meets the Nola in an epic game.  Rodgers vs. Brees.  Cheese vs. Gumbo.  A Beer vs. Bourbon Street.  A doozie.  (And yes, sorry, but it’s impossible to repeat in the NFL..Seattle gets ousted and Sherman goes off on Twitter.  Sound about right?)

AFC Championship:

Denver Broncos vs. Indy Colts.   Peyton meets Peyton Junior.  The Rocky Mountains meet the Speedway.  A bucking Bronco and a hungry Colt.  We like horses.

Super Bowl:

Green Bay vs. Denver Broncos.  The two best QB’s face-off in Glendale come February.  Peyton is a Hall of Fame QB, awesome Dad and brilliant off the field when it comes to his endorsements and numerous TV commercials…this Hip Daddy can Act.  Peyton wins in Arizona, awarded MVP, goes to Disney, and retires.

And if all of the above wasn’t enough to get you super duper Hip Daddy excited for the NFL football season…finally, Erin Andrews is back on the sideline, so that should about do it.

Football is Here.  Sunday football watching with the kids? #likenoother.