Hip Daddy

01 21

Fishs Eddy: Hip Daddy Household Approved.

Every Hip Daddy Household needs some ‘life’ and ‘excitement’ to it, especially when it comes to dishware, flatware, glassware and the like…it just makes everything more fun for the kids and you.  Look no further than Fishs Eddy, a longtime NYC staple.

Random name right? But it has a curious story behind it, so we love it even more.  What started as a simple store in the Gramery Park neighborhood has now moved on to bigger things…now selling online and even available at JCREW…(ofcourse Jenna Lyons likes Fishs Eddy.)  From funky art to artistic collaborations to downright fun designs, Fishs Eddy has something for every Hip Daddy Household.  We especially love this Amy Sedaris Money Plate, this Guest Check Tray, and of course these Paper Doll glasses.

Some Super Bowl Party Entertaining coming soon? Might be a good time to debut some Fishs Eddy #justsayin.  Every Hip Daddy Household needs some ‘Eddy…