Hip Daddy

11 01

The Rolex Milgauss is Simply Magnificent. Yes, It Is.

Sometimes we just want to tell the world about things we simply love.  Yes, our kids are number one and we love being Daddy.  But we also love a Rolex watch… But not that kind of Rolex.  The Daytona is for many, but for us Hip Daddys…it’s all about the Milgauss.  And at 40mm, it’s still got a presence.  The watch was introduced in 1956, designed to meet the demands of the scientific community and is capable of withstanding magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss.  It became known notably as the watch worn by scientists and those with a passion for discovery. T he new-generation Milgauss, introduced in 2007, features several innovative components that enhance protection from magnetic interference.   And the one with the green/orange/black face…forget about it, a pure beauty that will leave all eyes on your wrist…and goes well with a white Chuck Taylor, a Rag & Bone tee and some Raleigh Denim.  Okay, if not the Milgauss, we love this Explorer and this Datejust.  And yes, a Rolex watch is expensive but worth the investment…it is.  For those just not in the Rolex ballgame, try a more affordable option in the previously featured G-Shock or Shinola.  Know the time.  Know Rolex.  Hip Daddy Approved.