Hip Daddy

03 27

A New Apparel Line You Need: Jack Purcell

You know them for their shoes with a ‘smile’ on the toecap, but now, Jack Purcell (a brand within the Converse stable) has launched an apparel line.  And it is awesome.  From cool T’s to Polos, this modern and versatile line is perfect for Spring and Summer…and goes perfectly with the shoe collection as well.  This is most definitely a Hip Daddy Style you need to be wearing.  And if you haven’t already gotten your kids a pair of the JCREW endorsed classic canvas white JP’s, you need to do so now…the perfect playground staple.

And who is Jack Purcell btw? A famous Canadian Badminton player back in the day, who dominated the world.  Not bad for a heritage story, interesting.

One can never have too many ‘Smiles’ in their life, so go find some Jack Purcell, and be Hip Daddy Happy.