Hip Daddy

10 09

Imogene + Willie: Great Denim Straight Outta’ Nashville.

Hip Daddy likes music.  And we know Nashville, Tennessee is an amazing city for music.  From the iconic Grand Ole Opry and Patsy Cline to the more recent music from Jack White to Paramore to Kings of Leon to the Black Keys to Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown..Nashville rocks #plainandsimple.   But yes, Hip Daddy is all about discovering things, and we want you to know about a very cool brand doing something other than making music…

Every Hip Daddy needs a great pair of denim and an awesome Tee.  We’ve discussed this before.  Being able to be active with the kids requires versatility and comfort…and style.   Imogene + Willie is a Nashville based boutique (with a Portland, Oregon shop too) that makes apparel, accessories and home goods.  They are a very creative company that creates some fresh content on their site, as well as being involved in some engaging grassroots activations.  Simply, they’ve “got it going on” down South.   We especially love their denim- from the hank rigid to the barton slim muddy water, Imogene + Willie has a pair of jeans for all Hip Daddys.  And don’t forget the accompany Tee, the “Nashville” was a mistake and has come to be known as the backwards “nashville” t-shirt…a mistake lots of people are liking and wearing.  You should too (just explain to the kids how it was a mistake…)

They have a story too.  It is a brand devoted to and inspired by Grandparents…this makes them even more “hip.”   Family rules, and Imogene + Willie are representing’ well.   Music makes Nashville shine, but Imogene + Willie makes it really sing.