Hip Daddy

07 18

Justin Timberlake. As Long As He Has His Suit & Tie…

Justin Timberlake is back in the Beantown tomorrow night, so we felt it imperative to talk a little more about him, especially knowing Hip Daddy likes music and will of course be going to the show.  So yes, Justin Timberlake, otherwise known as “JT” (side note..how awesome is that nickname) might not be a Hip Daddy…yet…but we all need to represent a little JT in our life…right about now!  Why?  Well, here goes:

1.) The Man can Sing.  Sure, he has the boyband past, but unlike most boy toys, he graduated from it and succeeded..in a big way.  From the 2002 release of “Justified” to the most recent “20/20 Experience Part 2”, he’s been doing it for over a decade now.  Cry Me a River, Señorita..it’s Like I Love You, but then again, who doesn’t like a little Summer Love.  Don’t get stuck with Tunnel Vision, look in the Mirrors and always be in search of your Holy Grail.  Bring that SexyBack but always remember, Hip Daddys, What Goes Around Comes Around.

2.) The Man can Move.  Yep, this dude is likely the best dancer out there.  Smoother than your Hip Daddy’s baby butt, JT brings movement to another level.  Check out this video…or how about a little Hip Daddy Approved Victoria’s Secret Angels and JT.  #enoughsaid.

3.) The Man can Act.  Unlike many musicians that think they can get into the Hollywood business, JT is actually a solid actor.  Yes, we all know his SNL skits will leave you dying laughing (Di#k In a Box Might Be Best Ever), but his acting in Social Network and Runner Runner was actually quite good.   Now, let’s not quit the day job as a musician, but kudos to JT for making it ‘work’ in Hollywood.

4.) The Man can Dress.  Tom Ford.  Period.  Hip Daddy Approved.

5.) The Man can Play.  He plays golf, and is actually quite good.  Visit the Hip Daddy Travel destination of Carmel, and you can see JT playing the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.  A dancer and a golfer? Hello.  Sorry Tiger.  (Side note, speaking of Carmel-By-the-Sea, Fourtane Jewelers is a Hip Daddy Approved boutique…check it out now.)

5.) And yes, finally, the Man has a potential amazing Hip Mommy in Jessica Biel.  Period.  BTW, she is now called Jessica Claire Timberlake…kind of awesome.  Start makin’ babies, and we can officially welcome JT into the Hip Daddy Club…just a thought.

So yeah, Hip Daddy is a fan…in case you were wondering.  Hip Daddy Music will be live at the JT Boston concert tomorrow night…be sure to follow us on Twitter  and Instagram for live updates.