Hip Daddy

01 21

This Skol Chant Thing Is Pretty Awesome.

Yes, it’s true.  After an epic win over the Saints in what has become known as the “Minneapolis Miracle”, the Minnesota Vikings are in the NFC Championship game.  And they are bringing the SKOL chant with them…

First, the Chant is not anything new persay, but rather adopted and ‘asked to borrow’ by the nice Midwesterners.  And boy have they.  Videos are going viral, major news outlets are talking about it, everybody seems to be doing it…why? Because it is pretty f#$ing awesome and simply one of those cool things going on in sports culture #rightaboutnow.  And let us tell you, having experienced it first hand at the US Bank Stadium this past Sunday with 66,000 others, it is a powerful ritual, one we hope takes the Vikings all the way back home to the Super Bowl #BringitHome.  Going back to last Sunday where Stephon Diggs brought last second hope to a state that has pretty much been heartbroken decade after decade when it comes to their Minnesota Vikings, the “Miracle” is one of those magical sporting moments my boys and I will forever remember…words cannot describe what it felt like to be there.  And back to the Skol chant…so powerful, unifying, loud and calming at the same time.  It’s a mashup of like Yoga, having an anxiety attack, getting ready to kick someone’s ass, and praying all in one…hmm, sound interesting? LOL.  It’s a game changer.  And that’s what the Purple People Eaters Need Today…

SKOL Vikings.  Try it, you know you want to.