Hip Daddy

06 09

This Is Ground Is This Is Hip Daddy Approved.

As you know, Hip Daddy is always on the look-out for those interesting young brands attempting to do amazing things.  And we find something new every day, and therefore need to tell you all about it.  So lets talk SoCal…

A design-driven company, This Is Ground is a super cool and fast-growing leather tech accessory brand straight outta DTLA (that’s downtown LA.)  The company has steadily gained a devout following and praise since its Etsy launch in late 2013, landing in the Apple Store only a month after…hello awesome.  Further, “Its endlessly customizable handmade leather products are complemented by a stunningly chic aesthetic, blending Old World craftsmanship with futuristic design” is also perfect for today’s tech driven world melding with the ‘traditional goods.’  They are smart from a manufacturing perspective, partnering with a start-up factory owned by leather artisians, where they can still be creative, nimble, constantly iterating, yet still scaling their business.  Pro-duct-tivity is the name of the game here.  But really… 

All you really need in life is a cord taco.  Yes, that’s right.  This beauty of a product invention turned heads and really got this company on the radar of techies and fashionistas alike…not a bad combo to say the least.  As we say here at Hip Daddy HQ, “good design should be everywhere”, even in the bottom of your bag, purse, or backpack.  The cord taco is simply delicious.

This is Ground is bringing the heat from DTLA, and is most def a Hip Daddy brand you need to know.  Give them a look.