Hip Daddy

06 15

The Only Father’s Day Gift You Need: Surfside Supply Co.

Father’s Day is here.  Two Words.  Surfside Supply.  That’s right.  Yes, everyone knows we love this brand, but the love is for real good reason.  The product is just what every Hip Daddy needs…from fit to style to comfort to design…and it only keeps getting better season after season.

Hello awesome collab.  Yes indeed, the guys at Surfside recently collaborated with an authentic American manufacturer straight outta NC called Stateline Apparel.  The Stateline manufacturing process is legit evidently, and the end product is damn good, complete with premium knits and fleece on vintage looms.   The net creation is a classic pullover hoodie, aka “the Jimmy”, which is reminiscent of your vintage varsity pullover ,and with the word SURF on the back, let the chill time with the family begin.  Every Hip Daddy needs a pullover hoodie for those cool Summer nights…Jimmy has you covered.

Father’s Day is simple with Surfside.  That;s a Hip Daddy Guarantee.  Now we just need a kid’s line from this label 🙂