Hip Daddy

05 02

The Ultimate Hip Daddy Derby Weekend…Boston Style.

Okay, Friday is here…hip hop hooray.  The weather is warming up and the city energy is starting to ramp up.  Here’s the itinerary for the weekend:

Friday:  First and foremost, read our Hip Daddy Spotlight #5 with horse race owner Billy Koch…it will set the tone for the Derby weekend….now onto the plans…

Take the kids to Tasty Burger Fenway (but do watch for Red Sox crowds) for a delicious burger, then stop by Bristol Lounge for a First Friday post meal snack and drink.

Saturday: Do brunch at the Paramount on Charles St (long lines likely, so go early), then do a post meal stroll thru the Public Garden.  Swing up to Newbury St. to check out the Warby Parker store and have the kids pop in to Makerbot Studios, the Young Explorers class might work out nicely for you.  The Derby does not begin until early evening so perhaps a late afternoon picnic lunch in the Common sounds perfect or a delicious sandwich outside at Parish.  As post time nears, you should quickly breeze thru the John Varvatos store, before finally grabbing a table at Champions (at the Copley Marriot)- it has TV’s everywhere, great audio sound, and most importantly, a delicious and affordable kids menu! Cheer on your favorite horse with a yummy basket of chicken fingers and fries…we like Wicked Strong and California Chrome to contend for the Roses.

Sunday: How about a homemade ‘Daddy Diner’ meal (scrambled eggs and ham) or a brunch at Stephanies on Tremont? Then swing by Sault to window shop (not open on Sundays) and end up at Tadpole for a little exploring with the kids.  Finally, make your way over to the playground on the Esplanade…the climbing structures are awesome.


Enjoy the weekend…Hip Daddy Style, Boston style.