Hip Daddy

09 13

The Hip Daddy NFL Pigskin Preview.

Yes, Hip Daddy is back…Hip Hip Daddy Hooray! Long summer, back to school done and things going smoothly, coaching has begun, and off we go.  And what better way to get started than to talk some football.  The NFL is finally here and that means every Hip Daddy Household just got even more #amped, and Sundays with the kids get even better!

Here at Hip Daddy, we like lists.  Simple lists.  So, that being said, here are our Top 5 Teams To Watch this season.  And by ‘watch’, we mean they might just be raising the Lombardi trophy at Levi’s Stadium come next February.  We are thinking this season might be a weird one, meaning perhaps an unexpected team might make it to the promised land…Hip Daddy guaranteed? Maybe.

Houston Texans

Okay, yes…we watched Hard Knocks.  Not bad, not great.  Alas, supreme badasses JJ Watt, Clowney and Cushing on defense? Wow.  If they stay healthy, many team swill have a hard time scoring.  They’ve got a top their talent in Hopkins at WR and a steady veteran in Hoyer.  If they can get Foster back sooner rather than later, watch out for the Texans.

Minnesota Vikings

AP is back…and he’s pissed…#nuffsaid.  Go Vikes!

Dallas Cowboys

“Win now” has to be the motto in Big D.  Romo isn’t getting younger and Dez can only be so patient.  Best O-line in football, losing Demarco won’t matter.  Jerry wants the trophy bad, and he knows this might just be the year to do it.  And yes, their cheerleaders….Hip Daddy Approved.  (And side note, Hip Daddy will be reporting live from Jerry’s World on Sunday night for their opener against the Giants..boom!)

Pittsburgh Steelers

How could you not like the Steelers? Great Head Coach in Tomlin, awesome fans, and just a great storied franchise.  Big Ben is feeling good, and they have the best WR and RB in football…and their defense will always be tough.  So yes. we are liking them going real far into the playoffs!

San Diego Chargers

It’s a beautiful city, and home to the San Diego Zoo and even LegoLand is just a bit north in Carlsbad.  Does it get even better than that for all you Hip Daddys?  Speaking of Hip Daddys, QB Phillip Rivers has like 10 kids, so you got to root for the guy.  He’s good too.  And we love Melvin Gordon from Wisconsin, he could be the next big thing this year.  The defense is stout, and the weather is perfect (did we mention this already?)  This could be the year for the Chargers!

There you have it.  5 Teams we like here at Hip Daddy HQ.  Please enjoy the NFL season…it’s a great time to bond with the kids, eat some tailgate food, laugh, cry, pull your hair out, and most of all, be happy.  Football is back!  And so are we….