Hip Daddy

01 09

Let’s Talk NFL Playoffs.

Well, that was fast.  The season is already over?  It is.  But with the end comes a new beginning and that means the Playoffs are here!

3 Minnesota Vikings vs. 6 Seattle

It’s going to be the coldest game in NFL history evidently.  Like f+#*ing freezing cold.  That’s why yours truly is heading to Minneapolis to watch the game…crazy Hip Daddy? Likely.  Wish us luck.  As for the game, given the conditions, I do not think Seattle has the upper hand despite their recent playing.  That is right….the cold will tear into the minds and bodies of the boys from the NorthWest and the Vikings (somehow, someway) behind the best RB in football, AP, will win the game. SKOL Vikes.

4 Redskins vs. 5 Packers

Yes, the Packers look bad.  And yes, the Redskins look good.  But I’m not buying it…Aaron Rodgers plays well in the playoffs.  Cheseseheads take this one.

3 Bengals vs. 6 Steelers

I know, everyone is writing off the Bengals since Dalton went down.  And everyone is talking about Big Ben and the Steelers.  But the game is in Cinci which does have a loud home field crowd.  AJ can do it, we are liking the Bengals in an ‘upset.’

4Texans vs. 5 KC Chiefs

We love JJ Watt, but the Chiefs are hot and Alex Smith can get one more win .

Looking ahead….

NFC Championship

It’s been a confusing couple weeks.  Just when you thought Arizona was the team to beat, they lose at home to Seattle.  Then there is Carolina which has the record and the swagger, but not sure they can really get it done come crunchtime.  That said, there is a dropoff after those two so we will go with Arizona playing Carolina.  One caveat…if Seattle somehow beats the Vikes in the tundra, watch out, they could go places.

 AFC Championship

Unlike the NFC, this division is pretty much wide open.  I’m not sold on Denver as a #1 seed and I’m not confident in the health of the Patriots.  But nobody else can compete (unless Pittsburgh overtakes Cinci.) So we will do the #1/#2 seed thing again with Bronoces hosting Pats.

Hip Daddy is so boring and expected with these picks…sorry. J

Super Bowl 50

Patriots vs. Cardinals.  San Franciscos, here we come!  Well actually, the game is a bit farther south in Santa Clara (steve Nash?) technically.  Anyhow, should be a great atmosphere and hopefully we have a Hip Daddy live on the ground reporting from the world’s greatest game!  Patriots pull out some magic in Mile High, while the Cardinals knock off the Panthers at home.  Cards are healthier….AZ wins !

Back-up Super Bowl Prediction: Pittsburgh/Seattle.

We LOVE NFL Football here at Hip Daddy HQ.  Nothing better in the world of sports.  So go buy the new gigantic TV’s, get the chip dishes ready, and let the games begin.  As for this Hip Daddy, time to get warm, let the layering begin.  All Hip Daddy style is out the window here, it’s about being warm and making it through this game!