Hip Daddy

03 05

Sorel Boots: A Hip Daddy Stomping Ground.

Yes, sadly, it is March, but you still need these iconic bad weather boots.  Sorel makes amazing quality boots, for both you Hip Daddys and your kids, no snowstorm is too much for these kickers.  Put them on and take them anywhere…puddles, sledding hills, sludge…you name it, they last and nobody gets wet.  Further, the product design is sleek and they feel light and roomy, unlike other winter boots on the market.   The price tag is well worth it.  So, although it is March and you might be a Tom Brady fan, don’t even think about putting on the UGG boot…it’s not quite spring and another blizzard is still coming.   And side note, Hip Daddys don’t wear UGGS (not sure what Tom Brady was thinking.)

Stay dry.  Go anywhere.  Be cool.  Look good.  Thank you Sorel.