Hip Daddy

01 12

Something to Shout About: i.am+ BUTTONS.

We love our Beats.  Always have.  Great design, packaging, and ofcourse a company that has built a nice lifestyle brand by tapping into cultural influencers from the NFL to the NBA.  The pre-game warm-up forever changed because of Beats by Dre.  Now, are they top notch quality persay? Not really.  Bose still makes a superior product in our opinion.  But hey, we wear our Beats more so I guess they are winning in some way 🙂  Hello marketing.  Anyhow, will.i.am decided he wanted in on this lucrative market late last year and brought a pretty interesting play to the game…

The i.am+ BUTTONS are premium wireless Bluetooth earphones with a tailored fit and immersive sound.  Deemed the “ultimate accessory”, inspired by the iconic shape of vinyl records and engineered from machined metal, BUTTONS are the ultimate accessory for playing music and making calls.  And yes, ofcourse, some copywriter announces that these are “for those who refuse to compromise style.”  A bit cheesy messaging for this type of company led by such an innovative mind like will, but we will let it slide. Why? Because you had us at “Bluetooth Earphones for the Dope.”  Great line, #period.  Alas, the product has a price tag to it (like most) but comes with a solid battery and sleek color options.  Hip Daddy is liking this overall.  Just wish they found a better endorser than Kendall Jenner as she does not ‘scream nor shout’ innovation or technology one bit.  But, as you will see below, they do look damn good on her 🙂

Really like what this Hollywood-based technology company is trying to do, so keep up the good work will.i.am (and keep on doing those movies, we loved your voice in Rio and Madagascar!)  It’s time for some BUTTONS.