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Hip Daddy Travel Still Loves Bose.

Travel, in some form, is likely part of the Hip Daddy lifestyle.  And that’s a good thing.  Seeing the world while conducting business is something not to be taken for granted.  And with apps like Viber, you are never too far away from the kids! Better yet, bring them with you…business trips with the kids can be very refreshing and actually productive, yes, it’s true.  Anyhow, airline travel is a likely scenario for most of you, and we’ve got one travel necessity that you simply cannot deny…

Bose.  The company has been around for awhile now.  Sure, it has been trumped a bit by players like Beats, but they still deliver legit and often superior product.  Most specifically, their noise-canceling headphones- the QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise-Canceling.  These puppies are simply amazing and most certainly Hip Daddy Travel Approved.  The technology has only gotten better over the years which means your flying experiences have gotten better over time too! From screaming babies (yes, we’ve all been there) to obnoxious Patriot fans to that person that will not stop talking, to simply wanting a more tranquil flight, Bose has you covered.  Noise canceling no doubt.

Keep flying Hip Daddys, just don’t forget your Bose.