Hip Daddy

05 20

Dude Perfect X Nerf Equals Weekend Fun.

YouTube has got it going on and has been doing it right for awhile now.  So much amazing content and talented creators entertaining on a daily basis.  This YouTube generation and these YouTube stars are changing the game of influence, endorsements and content creation.   Let’s talk Dude Perfect.

We are assuming you already know who they are (as would any Hip Daddy Household) so we won;t get into their story.  All we care about right now is their collaboration with a Hip Daddy favorite, Nerf.  Yes, we love some nerf guns and of course the good ole’ basketball hoop, but these Dude Perfect toys are tons of fun.  The PerfectSmash football is perfect for any and all little Peyton Mannings in training, while the PerfectShots Hoops is ready for all sort of trick action…just like the show.   A few other games are in the mix as well, so get some YouTube inspired action going this weekend, Nerf always has you covered.

And yes, maybe just maybe one of your children will someday become a YouTube overnight sensation…that indeed is Hip Daddy Approved #justsayin!  Enjoy the weekend.  Play.