Hip Daddy

09 18

Today’s Hip Daddy Approved: Raden Smart Suitcase.

Travel is a big part of the Hip Daddy Lifestyle.  We know this.  From airplanes to trains to subways to roadtrips, you need to travel smart.  We are always on the lookout for interesting new products in the travel category, and as you know, the world of luggage has really evolved in the past couple years.  Young, innovative start-up brands are attempting to positively disrupt the luggage landscape making it more affordable, accessible, convenient and yes, stylish.  We’ve discussed the likes of Away before, but now let’s talk about Raden.

Raden makes some pretty cool luggage (from checked to carry-on) that not only looks awesome but is also actually technologically savvy.  The Raden Smart Suitcase delivers a seamless travel experience by pairing the world’s best materials with technology.  From weight sensors (hooray…no longer need the home scale) to built-in phone chargers (hello), Raden comes complete with the latest tech-enabled features – and they all connect seamlessly to their mobile app…yes, they have an app…and you can even use a chatbot type offering to speak with them 1:1.  Brilliant.  Further, the A28 and A22 come in a plethora of colors, are incredibly lightweight, and have the internal design to make all things fit.  And the best part about Raden?The price- they are affordable ($295-$395).  

Upgrade your Hip Daddy Travel, try Raden, travel smart.