Hip Daddy

03 02

Products We Love: Pley. Never Buy Legos Again.

Best invention ever.  www.pley.com.   In a nutshell, it is basically Netflix for Legos.  Now I might actually be able to save money for my boy’s college.  My boys are straight up Lego junkies.  They are obsessed.  And me being the sucker I am, I buy them lots of Legos.  As a marketer myself, I do love the Lego brand and think they continue to release amazing new products…the Lone Ranger series? Come on, how genius.  So the Lego fascination is a given and not worth fighting.  But now with Pley, I might have found some sort of Lego peace in my life.  Not only am I saving tons of money, but a life without little Lego pieces all over our homes is one worth living.   Now let’s just hope they (Pley) clean them really well before shipping or we might have a huge problem on our hands and I will regret this post!