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03 03

The Greatest Invention Ever? Perhaps the Sit N’ Stroll.

Okay….like the title reads, this product is the greatest thing for every Hip Daddy that  likes to travel with his kids…kids under 4 yrs specifically.   This is a needed, purposeful, useful and a huge value add product…that’s about it, nice.

The background on the birth of the company is simple and awesome…”Inspired by the birth of her first grandchild, Lilly Gold dedicated her time and energy to designing quality baby solutions for herself and her family. Lilly saw the need to innovate the baby equipment that was on the market at the time and took the concept to a whole new level.  Her best selling item, the revolutionary Sit n’ Stroll, became the only 5-1 car seat/stroller in the world designed to accommodate five basic baby solutions: stroller, airplane seat, front and rear facing car seat, dining booster chair.”  #enoughsaid.  Let’s get down to business…

Traveling on an airplane can be difficult no matter the age.  But put in a young one, and things can get ‘interesting.’  The Lily Gold Sit N’ Stoll has you covered, in more ways than one.  It basically acts as both a carseat- that perfectly fits in any airplane seat- and a stroller (in addition to the other uses outlined above.)  So this means a couple awesome things that will make any Hip Daddy smile:

-No more traveling with the heavy and difficult to carry carseat.  Hooray.  They weigh a ton and are simply awkward to handle.  Further, no more checking of the carseat and of course waiting for it to come out of baggage claim (which can add a good 30 minutes to your life pending airport.)  And lastly, no need to even think about the ridiculous fees rental car companies charge to rent a carseat!

-No need to check or bring onboard the stroller.  Depending your need, the Sit N’Stroll functionality as a stroller is solid.  Yes, likely better for the short trips and easier adventures vs. one looking to jog with the stroller or utilize it over rough terrain etc.  It is a stroller, but def more conducive to a ‘stroll’.

Even better…it is not only comfy, fashionable, and light, but also easy to use…basically one push down or one pull up and you have either a stroller or a carseat…the well-designed wheel component makes this possible.  It is a Hip Daddy Travel staple.  Most recently, we had a connection at the Minneapolis airport of 35 minutes, to get from one end of the airport to the other end…a traveling family’s worst nightmare.  We made it.  Without the Sit N’ Stroll, we don’t make it.

This post could be a small novel, covering all the reasons why you should invest in the Sit N’ Stroll.  Yes, it is a bit expensive.  But if you have a child under 4 and travel some, it is worth every penny.  Make travel easier…check out the Sit N’ Stroll right about now…