Hip Daddy

10 04

Love Your Kicks. Jason Markk Shoe Care In the House.

Okay, so you know by now, we love shoes here at the Hip Daddy HQ.  From our white CDG Chucks to our Nike Blazers, the Hip Daddy closet is stocked with some beauties that need to be ‘cared’ for.

Take care of your shoes.  Although the beat-up, dirt on the toecap is a good look at times, it is also nice to have a super white, shiny pair of white Chucks. Regardless, having some sort of shoe care in the house is a good thing.   Enter Jason Markk.  Sure enough, this guy is a sneakerhead and has taken the care of his shoes to another level…like a really awesome, simple company that makes products to help you care for your shoes #Perfect.  We especially love these Quick Wipes, perfect for on the go and they actually do work.  You need a pack.

Keep the shoes clean.  Thank you Jason.