Hip Daddy

03 22

Hip Daddy Hooray: Pro-Keds Is Back On the Scene.

As this Hip Daddy knows, pretty much every old rubber shoe company has some sort of awesome story.  From the amazing people who have worn it to the amazing places it has traveled and showed up, if your shoe has been around for decades and decades, chances are you can weave a nice historical narrative together.  Converse has.  Sperry has.  And how about Keds? Yes, aside from the http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/taylor-swift-stars-global-rebrand-keds-ladies-first-1916-166018on over there (which every Hip Daddy with daughter can rally behind), they make shoes for guys, and some actually pretty awesome ones.  And guess what, this particular shoe does indeed have a story to tell…

The Pro-Keds.  A classic sneaker.  Like really a classic.  Some other sneakers claim to be “classics”, but between this one and the Chuck Taylor, that’s pretty much it.  Born in 1949 and raised in the NBA, this once pioneered for sport shoe quickly became a lifestyle icon as well.  Yes, every major name in the NBA wore them, they even had some time in the ring with Sugar Ray, and of eventually got adopted into hip hop culture as well.  More importantly, fast forward to 2016, every Hip Daddy needs to be rocking these things.  At first glance, they look real good.  Wear them to your next VC pitch, dominate the playground, or put them on for the weekend getaway with the kids, these Pro-Keds have something for every Hip Daddy.  Oh and by the way, this Keds brand has some awesome shoes for kids too…so don’t be selfish and give some love to the kids too!

Keds.  Well done.  Classics are no doubt Hip Daddy Approved.