Hip Daddy

02 09

JCREW Does It Again: AMNH Tees

Perhaps our recent post around visiting the American Museum of Natural History prompted the brains at JCREW to come out with a special edition tee line.  Or maybe not.  Likely the latter, but nonetheless, we are thrilled they went ‘there’…

Now every Hip Daddy knows our kids like gift shops at museums and zoos.  And likely, in some cases, their eyes gravitate toward some sort of t-shirt with some rather ‘interesting’ graphic or animal…and likely made of polyester or something not ideal from a quality standpoint.  Cheesy (unfortunately.)  But they love them, so you buy it.  But have no fear, JCREW feels your ‘pain’ and decided to make their own tees, inspired by the great AMNH.  The line consists of both boys and girls product- “one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the museum’s exhibits and graphics from its archives.”  For the little girls in your life, how awesome is this Olive and Dino tee?  And the boys will surely dig this Dino Skull tee…dinosaurs and skulls? Check the box.  Top quality, cool graphics, and a special place.

JCREW just does it right, time and time again.  And their special collaborations are always meaningful, brilliant and perfect for every Hip Daddy and Mommy (and children.)  The iconic American Museum of Natural History is a special place…and JCREW just gave you yet another reason to visit it…and buy a cool tee.