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03 06

Hip Daddy Travel: St. John USVI

Often times, it is hard to find a simple, to the point, list of things to do/see while visiting a certain destination.  Here at Hip Daddy Travel, we believe in simplicity and uncovering the essential things you need to know as you embark on your travels.  That’s how we roll.

So let’s talk about the lovely and simply awesome U.S.V.I.  The Virgin Islands are a Hip Daddy Must Visit, especially the island of St. John.  Below are the top 5 things we feel important for every Hip Daddy to know if St. John is on your mind…

Eat at Zozo’s.

The meal here will likely be some of the best Italian food you will ever have.  Seriously.  Once located in town, they moved their location to the grounds of Caneel Bay Resort where the setting is magnificent.  Book a reservation around sunset and everything will be perfect.  Yes, friends, it’s that good.

Drink at Woody’s.

Two words for you: Rum Punch.  Woody’s is a tiny little bar (or advertised as a seafood restaurant) in the center of town internationally known for its’ Happy Hour.  It’s just one of those things you need to do to say you did it.  But unlike most of those types of experiences, you will have a blast here.  And buy a Woody’s t-shirt…Hip Daddy fashion staple #forsure.

Stay at Caneel or the Westin…or rent a house.

Caneel is über fancy but absolutely gorgeous with an expansive property full of wildlife and wonderful beaches.  That said, they don’t have a pool or TV’s (in most of the rooms)…which could cause some major issues in your Hip Daddy Household.  The Westin is fine, not amazing, but does the trick.  The beach is a let down but the pool is spectacular and the kids will love it.  It’s a short 5 minute cab ride to town which is also very convenient given the food options are lacking on property.  Overpriced….but hey, it’s the island of St. John, and yes, the pool is perfect.  And if you fancy having your own place, many families rent houses on the island too.

Trunk Bay or Bust.

Okay, google it.  Yes, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, if not the world.  It is indeed beautiful…the water is like no other blue and the sand feels good in between your toes.  Snorkeling is a ‘thing’ there too.  So visit it, you won’t be disappointed.  That’s a Hip Daddy Guarantee.

Ferries Are Fun.

Getting to St. John requires a ferry ride.  Either the public ferry or a private ferry (if you are staying at Caneel or the Westin.)  For the public ferry, it’s a 15 minute ride from St. Thomas (Redhook)…which for you all flying into St. Thomas is about a 30 minute cab ride depending on how many stops your driver has to make.. and ‘island time’ is a thing…#patience.  The ferry ride is breathtaking, surrounded by blue waters and all sorts of amazing islands, and some epic boats too…Hello P Diddy yacht! We also suggest taking a ferry at night, star gazing is a beautiful thing to do with the kids.

So there you have it.  Everything you need to know about St. John brought to you by your Hip Daddy Travel experts.  Enjoy.  And with that being said…April vacation, Spring Breaks approach…try St. John.  You will fall in love.