Hip Daddy

06 04

Hip Daddy Vaccinated Travel: South Dakota. For Real.

Vaccinated, and ready to get on the road.  And yep, that’s right, South Dakota is not to be missed.  This state has a lot to offer, so don’t sleep on SD!  We suggest a summer roadtrip, entire Hip Daddy family invited.  Rent the suburban, buy the old Rand McNally map, get the Herschel and Away luggage packed, some wipes, some snacks, and off you go.   And dare we say this is a device free trip? Hmm…

Let’s not get into lodging or dining or anything like that because after all, this is South Dakota…A&W , Hardees, Arbys, Holiday Inn,  Econo Lodge, etc…Whole Foods, Juice Press, W, Ritz Carlton seekers need not apply!  So let’s get to the point and talk about those sights to see:

The Badlands

Simply put, the Badlands are BA (aka. “badass”.)  Quite serene, this land pops up out of knowhere as you trek across SD, and they pack a punch upon arrival.  Little foothills that stretch for miles, Instagramm moments galore.

Wall Drug

Nope, this is not CVS or Walgreens, but rather an awesome small town drug store (in a town called Wall) with every sort of western souvenir you can ever imagine #nojoke.  Straight out of a Hollywood movie set, Wall Drug is internationally known and gives away free cups of water, bumper stickers, etc…they actually do some fairly fun and noteworthy marketing campaigns- who knew?

Mount Rushmore

America.  Presidents.  History.  Independence.  Rocks.  Beautiful rocks.  This is a Hip Daddy can’t miss.  Teach the kids our American history, get the group photo or even the picking Washington’s nose shot, do the tour, visit the souvenir shop because yes, this is a place to blow some cash on that souvenir…trust us.  For some reason, the kids will unconsciously understand the importance of this magical place and therefore respect their little pin, playing cards, t shirt, magnet, ruler, etc.  It’s America, visit it.

Crazy Horse

Again, another extraordinary ‘thing’ that finds itself wonderfully built into the South Dakotan landscape.  Crazy Horse is and will always be a WIP but def gives you some native American history that the kids will enjoy learning about.  Some might find it a bit of a snoozer (def a quicker pitstop) but the structure itself is worth seeing….so yes, the $30 admittance fee is worth the price of admission.

So there you have it, the Hip Daddy ‘to the point’ travel snapshot of lovely South Dakota.  Trust us, it’s a fun trip- book it.