Hip Daddy

04 08

The Masters is Back: Wear This Now.

Hello golf season.  It’s nice to have you back.  The Masters is one of those sporting events that is on every bucket list, regardless if you like golf or not…if you ever get the invite, #gottago.  On that note, looking good on the golf course, either playing or spectating, is a Hip Daddy must.  And as we aim to play more golf this year, we need the right apparel.  So we are starting with this shirt…

The Puma X Arnold Palmer collection is straight-up mastery, and the Lemon polo is a must-have- if Ricky Fowler rocks it, you should too.  And it even gets better with the PTC Collab, this Palm Tree Crew edition polo is kinda attractive, and performs too #birdies.

Let the Masters begin, let golf begin, hello fairways and greens.