Hip Daddy

03 02

Get Writing with Appointed Notebooks.

Hip Daddy always loves a Muji to help keep us organized at work and in the household, but we are open-minded of course.   And yes, we aren’t afraid of a little “analog” once in awhile either.

Appointed notebooks is an American Made brand straight outta DC! Kind of fitting that this company is based in our nation’s capital, where plenty of paper has been passed over our long history…so we like this side story, no doubt.  Even better, it started as a Kickstarter campaign which we will always support here at Hip Daddy headquarters :).  The product is simple and stylish, we especially love their signature Chambray notebook which according to them is the “keeper of everyday things: records, thoughts, drawings, personal histories.”  Delightful.

Don’t forget to write.  A stylish notebook is always Hip Daddy Approved.