Hip Daddy

03 13

Floating Therapy, Gotta Try It.

Kind of weird, kinda intriguing…Hip Daddy curious.  Lots of new ‘therapy’ these days when it comes to health and wellness, and one we are hearing more and more about is floating...

And I’m not talking floating down a river in the nice summer sun.  I’m talking about entering a tank or capsule, filled with shallow water and lots of salt, lying down and simply floating…in the dark, for awhile.  Evidently some people hallucinate (um…wtf), while others find true peace and feel of body and soul.  We will take the latter.  Sensory deprivation is the game here, which we get, but how about a blindfold, earmuffs, and a dark closet instead? #justsayin.

Alas, google it.  You will find some hilarious articles…but, you will find some inspiring and enticing reads around what they actually can do for some.   Stay tuned for a future update, as this Hip Daddy needs to try out some floating…