Hip Daddy

03 16

Every Hip Daddy Needs A Vest

Okay, so we are half way through March and it’s still freezing.  Awesome.  Well, hopefully our call for #nomorepuffers is answered soon enough and we can get into the world of Spring jackets.  But as we hit late March and April, and start the layering, having a legit vest in the closet is a must.

Brooklyn in the house.  We love Outlier, a very cool company that makes some excellent premium product.  From tees to pants to shirts to robes, they will have something for every Hip Daddy.  According to Outlier, “We want to build the future of clothing.  Clothing should be liberating.  What you put on in the morning should never restrict what you do with your day.”  Hallelujah.  From early morning school drop-off to meetings to the business dinner to the tuck-in, Hip Daddy likes the idea of wearing one outfit all day, for every purpose…so thank you Outlier.

Going back to the vest, check out this Triple Wool Vest which includes three different layers of wool from three different continents- this makes for a damn good look and perhaps some nice storytelling with the kids (if they care where your wool came from?)  The price tag might be steep for some, but again, we are talking some nicely made product here…so you pay for what you get.

So give Brooklyn a look.  Check out Outlier, start layering.  Rock the vest.