Hip Daddy

02 06

The Snow Peak Insulated Shirt…Yes, Your Weekend Needs It.

It’s really cold.  Like really cold.  We’ve written this before.  If you live in the Northeast, your life has been snow, more snow, frigid temperatures, no school, and more snow.  It’s been an interesting month #nodoubt.  And given every Hip Daddy needs to be prepared for the elements…while maintaining some inclination of style, we are always on the look out for things that will make your lifestyle with the kids better.  So…

Snow Peak.  Pretty cool brand based out of Portland, Oregon (and that’s Ore-gan, not Ore-gone.)  They were started by an accomplished mountaineer, Yukio Yamai, back in 1958 who believed in the fulfillment the natural world provided- nature is a good thing! And their rallying goal as a company…”to be the world’s leading manufacturer of exceptional natural lifestyle products” is a good one, and something every Hip Daddy can get onboard with.   So how about the product? We are loving this Flexible Insulated Shirt, which has a modern fit to it, is made from a water and wind-resistant stretch fabric, and includes a four-pocket front (we need pockets)…quite simply, this shirt has you covered…for either outdoor (sledding with kids) or city wear (Hip Daddy meeting.)

Stay warm.  Stay productive.  Stay stylish.  Portland is an amazing creative city, and we are liking what they are serving up.  Snow Peak is #mostdef Hip Daddy Approved, especially with these chilly temps.   Enjoy the weekend!