Hip Daddy

10 23

Cycling Inspired, Rapha Sportswear Has You Covered.

Here at Hip Daddy, we have always loved what the creative minds at Rapha are doing. For those of you who don’t know, Rapha Performance Roadwear was started in London in 2004, and is a sportswear and lifestyle brand focused on road bicycle racing, clothing and accessories.  In short, Rapha makes “the world’s finest cycling clothing and accessories.” Now you know.

And although our version of Hip Daddy Sport entails a good long run, or a Soulcycle or Barry’s class, versus a long bike ride, we love how they have managed to bring a lifestyle element to the brand and product offering (in addition to their roots in more performance geared product.)  And not only have they done this, but they have done it in a very cool way…the product is #legit.  Given the rain-drenched, dreary week we are experiencing here on the East Coast, what Hip Daddy doesn’t want this Hooded Rain Jacket?  “The hood has been painstakingly crafted for unhindered vision when worn, and also to hold a clean shape when rolled and fastened into a collar.  The jacket’s fabric is the same as that used in the Rapha Race Cape, a product used in bad weather by elite road racers.”  With descriptors like “painstakingly crafted” and “unhindered vision”, you gotta love the creativity and passion behind the product makers at Rapha.  And by the way, the jacket has an elite road racing element to it as well…so both fashion and function, all in one.  We love it.

Outside of the product, they create lots of amazing content, all cycling inspired, that will leave you wanting more.  Their films are particularity awesome and should be viewed right about now.  Rapha is one of those brands you will simply admire, that’s a Hip Daddy Guarantee.