Hip Daddy

03 24

Cookie Dough Confections: Gotta Have It. Now.

It’s Friday so we are going to make this short and SWEET.

You have kids.  They like sugar, probably.  They like cookies.  They love cookie dough.  So you need to know about Cookie Dough Confections straight outta NYC…although don’t be fooled, this company has Midwestern roots– St. Louis- which ofcourse deserves a Hip Dady Hooray!  Take one bite, and you are hooked.  Hello Cake Batter, Confetti, Nuts of Nuts…the flavors are ridiculously goood! More importantly, your kids are hooked.  Not only is Cookie Do perfect for an afternoon snack, it makes for an amazing birthday party idea, as well as a corporate event or get-together.  Lots of options with cookie dough.  Now, time for the curve ball…you need to be in NYC to experience this beauty of a product as they are not taking online orders/shipping just yet.  So visit their store here for the ultimate in cookie dough heaven.

Go get some, right about now.  Happy Friday!